OMG! Sara aka Alma caught this co-star off guard in Anupamaa, Check out

MUMBAI: Tvbooks is back with yet another update from the telly world. Anupamaa has been one of the most adored shows on television; its gripping storyline and contemporary themes educate the audiences about different issues, from domestic violence and live-in relationships to familial bonds.

As we know, Paras aka Samar is the ‘funny guy’ on the sets and he is always up with some mischief. However, this time Alma aka Sara caught him off guard, wherein we can see the actor is experimenting with his shirt that looks not only funny but also weird!

Meanwhile in the show, Anuj hates Vanraj for the drama he created and wants to stop it. To top it all, he goes against Anupamaa and supports Barkha, leaving Anupamaa shocked and Barkha, absolutely happy. Here, we will see Barkha succeeding in her endeavors of creating a rift between the happy couple.

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