I don’t think that being in a relationship affects one’s career: Srishty Rode

The beautiful and bubbly Srishty Rode who can make any boy weak on his knees with her charming smile and pleasing personality is off late busy doing music videos and travelling.

In a chat, Srishty spoke briefly about relationships, actor Vishal Singh and more.

She shared, “Off late I have been travelling a lot for mu music videos. So it’s like work-come-pleasure for me. Recently, I shot a video opposite Vishal (Singh). I am enjoying this phase of the music video where you get to explore your acting skills and dancing. Also it asks for very short commitments.”

When asked about her comeback, she replied, “I am waiting for a good opportunity to come my way either on TV or web. I am not being very choosy as I have started my career with TV.”

You and Vishal (Singh) have many pictures on social media which has left fans assuming if you both are dating. She laughed and said, “Not at all. Vishal is a dear friend and shares a great comfort level. Vishal is my first actor friend in the industry. We started off fifteen years in a show named Kush Iss Tarah. We have seen each other grow and how. Working with him 15 years back and now has always been great. People like us as a couple but in reality we are very good friends. Also, I believe that phase is when actors would hide their relationship.”

So that means you are pretty single and focusing on your career? “I don’t think while being in a relationship you can’t focus on your career. I don’t agree that relationships affect career. These are two different things and everyone should know how to balance personal and professional life.”

Well said Srishty!

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