Zeeshan Khan reveals experiencing casting couch; recalls being approached for stripper offers

Zeeshan Khan, known for his appearances in popular TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Bigg Boss OTT, and Lock Upp, recently shared his harrowing experiences with casting couch and being propositioned to work as a stripper in the entertainment industry. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Zeeshan revealed the uncomfortable situations he encountered throughout his career.

Recalling an incident from his early days, Zeeshan mentioned how he was paid a meagre sum of Rs 3000 per day for his work on a television show. However, to receive his payment, he had to deal with the head of a talent management agency who refused to pay him.

Furthermore, Zeeshan revealed an unsettling encounter with a “popular” casting director. During a meeting at the director’s office, he was asked to remove his T-shirt to show his body. Although initially complying, the director demanded Zeeshan to drop his pants as well, a request he firmly refused. Zeeshan’s refusal angered the casting director, who threatened him with regrets if he didn’t comply.

Khan recalled, “He asked me to show me my body. So, I said, ‘I’ll send you pictures and everything’. But then he was like, ‘People usually edit pictures, so just remove your T-shirt’. I was fine with removing my tee. And did so. But then he wanted me to show my legs. He asked me to drop my pants. I denied. I told him, you can see my legs from my jeans. He was like, ‘Tere jaise bohot ayee hai and do mahine ke baad they have asked ki jo chahiye karwalo bas kaam dilwa do. And I have said no to them. Remember that you have said no to me, and you will regret it.’ I would rather live with that regret of saying no to you than the regret of saying yes to you.”

The TV actor also accused a fashion designer of attempting to kiss him at an official launch event and that he has been offered to work as a stripper at parties. Additionally, he said, “There are people who will call you under the guise of event organizers. They will tell you about the event and later it turns out that the whole event is a front for a party. Then once you reach there, they will tell you to dance in boxers and stuff. People have also reached out to me.”

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