You will not believe who Kritika Kamra’s best friend is!

Find yourself a BFF like Kritika’s.

The ‘Prem Ya Paheli? – Chandrakanta’ actress Kritika Kamra has a trusty reliable pal. She is quite unabashed about flaunting her best friend. And, this friend happens to be Google! Yes, you heard that right!

The TV diva seems to have an inquisitive mind. She says, “As I am very curious, I need to Google everything. If I hear a new word, I’ll Google it or if I am going to a new restaurant, I will Google the menu beforehand. I am addicted to Google more than anything as I use it the most.”

“I even Google words in foreign languages to get the pronunciation right. If I watch a movie, then I Google it for more knowledge such as the making, about the people in the movie, what has he or she done before, etc. Google is my best friend,” she added. Don’t you wish your best friend was just as cool?

A selection of cool co-stars like Sudesh Berry, Gaurav Khanna and Ankit Arora around her and the actress still chose Google! So, if you thought you were alone in your google addiction, here’s proof that it can’t be such a bad thing after all!

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