Yeh Rishta actress Simran Khanna emphasises on mental fitness

Actress Simran Khanna, who is currently playing Gayu in the popular fiction show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”, says mental fitness is important and if she gets a chance to open a meditation centre, she would do so happily.

“In today’s time, we are all stressed due to various reasons. It is making our inner and outer body unhealthy. I believe that meditation is best medicine to make ourselves stress-free and fit, not only physically but mentally as well,” she said.

“Mental fitness is very important. In 2006, I got introduced to meditation. I began with chanting. Initially, it wasn’t easy. I usually used to take a break from chanting. Then again I started doing meditation and chanting. It changed my life.”

It helped her in facing up to tough phases in her life.

“Meditation helped me in coming out from a bad situation. If I get a chance to open a meditation centre, I will do it because meditation is a life-changer. It needs proper guidance though,” said Simran.

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