WOW: Special episode of Shark Tank India hosted by Abish Mathew to be released today!

MUMBAI: This special episode of Shark Tank India, named ‘Getting Candid With The Sharks’ will be hosted by comedian Abish Mathew.

Aman Gupta is seen saying that the cut time of the show usually is one hour but Anupam (Mittal) speaks for 30 minutes. Peyush Bansal quips that in that one hour, Namita doesn’t have much to say because she only wants to say that it isn’t her expertise.

Abish asks, who is the easiest shark to convince.

To which, Vineeta takes Aman’s name. She says, “Isko bas I love you Aman bol do” (Just tell him , I love You, Aman and he’s sold). Aman immediately replies, “Apni bhi value hai” and this leaves everyone in splits.

The judges of Shark Tank India have become very popular and social media is abuzz with memes created on their dialogues. The show has already ended but this one episode with the judges will go on air on February 11.

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