Viewers call the new season of MasterChef India ‘the worst season ever’, here are 5 reasons why the show is receiving backlash

MUMBAI :MasterChef India is one of the most loved and entertaining cooking shows on television. The show is back with its seventh season and is leaving no stone unturned to make it a great success. The show has many versions worldwide, including an Australian version, a UK version, and an Asian version. 

The seventh season of MasterChef India is judged by renowned chefs Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar and Garima Arora.

Earlier, we informed about how the top 9 home cooks will get a chance to work with Sous Chefs Shivesh Bhatia, Aanal Kotak, Depinder Chibber, Sanjana Patel, Marina Balakrishnan, Ashish Bhasin and Chinu aka Shilarna Vaze.

While the show has had a long legacy of giving a platform to home cooks and is usually a very beloved show, this time around, the show has been receiving a lot of backlashes. Some have even called it the ‘worst season ever’ on social media. Hence, we decided to list down the points and reasons why are viewers are not big fans of the season. 

Alleged bias behavior: The judges have been called biased for favoring certain contestants even after they have just presented simple dishes, especially towards Aruna Vijay.

Too much product placement: Viewers have said that they feel that the show has too much product placement at odd times and audiences seem very bothered by it.

Boring tasks: A new season on a new channel was supposed to bring in excitement, but the viewers believe the tasks to be very boring, like there is no real excitement or finnes to the tasks.

Contestants’ Bickering: The show has always been knowing for the camaraderie of the contestants and the mutual respect that is applied, but viewers feel that the contestants are only talking about other contestants.

No chemistry between the judges: Previously, the show has worked well because the judges have had some sort of equation by themselves and viewers have said that there is a lack of it in this season and moreover looks scripted.

The views about the season have been very conflicting but people still seem to be tuning in for the show. 

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