Vedika to get PREGNANT in Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

MUMBAI: Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se will soon introduce a new twist that would leave the viewers shocked.

In upcoming episodes, Yash and Vedika head for their honeymoon. Sahil comes to know about Vedika’s honeymoon trip and reaches Delhi along with Bhumi. Sahil finds Vedika and Yash dancing together and feels jealous.

Later, Vedika comes to know about Yash suffering from fourth-stage cancer. Yash tells Vedika that he his last wish before dying is to have a kid with her.

The doctor suggests that Yash and Vedika try artificial insemination. Sahil is injured while riding his bike and goes to the hospital. Vedika also visits the same hospital, and they nearly cross paths.

Sahil is ready to be a donor for Maya’s kid, but by mistake, the nurse mixes the files. Vedika then conceives with the help of Sahil’s sperm.

Later, Vedika announces that she is pregnant with Yash’s child. Sahil and everyone in the family are shocked.

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