These are the FAREWELL GIFTS that Aurra Bhatnagar AKA Bondita received at her farewell party

Barrister Babu is one of the most loved and successful shows on television. The show is doing well when it comes to the TRP ratings.

Viewers loved Aurra Bhatnagar as Bondita, and the little one did justice to the character with her acting chops.

As we all know that the show is taking a leap and soon Bondita will be a grown-up girl and the love story between Anirudh and Bondita will begin.

This means that Aura has to bid goodbye to the show with a smile on her face.

Recently, the little one shared a post for her Anirudh Babu where she shared a cute photo of the two and captioned it saying ‘I will always carry the sweet memories you gave me until the last moment of your life. Don’t need to crop anyone’.

Barrister Babu will take a leap of eight years and Bondita will be all grown-up to be beautiful. Hence it would mark the exit of the little Bondita from the show.

The news of Bondita’s exit spread like wildfire and soon heartbroken messages from the fans flooded the internet, but as they say, all good things come to an end. Furthermore, it would be exciting to see how the grown-up Bondita is accepted by the viewers.

Will you miss the little Bondita in Barrister Babu?

Comment and tell us.

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