#Stylebuzz: Check out TV Bahus’ Priceless Possession- The Mighty Mangalsutra

The dainty little piece always makes a big statement

Mangalsutra is to married Indian women what a wedding ring is to our counterparts from the west. It is by far the most significant jewelry a married woman owns. Tinsel town ladies swear by it and they know how to flaunt it.

As seen on our favorite television bahus, we present to you a listicle of the new age mangalsutras’ for the new age wife…

Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi owns a three solitaire studded mangalsutra

While poor Naina has a single diamond one

Dr. Sonakshi had a big solitaire studded mangalsutra

Shagun wears a mid-length pendant mangalsutra with a choker neck blouse

Kratika Sengar wears her short length pendant mangalsutra on a closed neck solid red suit

And Sanaya Irani too wears the same style of mangalsutra with a dash of red vermillion in hermaang.

Maya looks Beyhadh beautiful in a diamond studded traditional two vatki mangalsutra

Dainty little Soumya has a mighty gold mangalsutra

Naagin girls are flaunting all the 16-shringaars!

Who you think rocked the mighty mangalsutra?

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