Srishti Jain: Have been on a spiritual journey this year

This year has been harsh on everyone, however, actor Srishti Jain says that she has tried to do her best. The actor, who is currently part of the show Hamari Wali Good News, says that getting to be part of a new project has been the highlight of her year. “Obviously, 2020 is marked by the virus. Other than that, I’ve really tried to make the most of the situation. I’ve been on a beautiful spiritual journey and I touched a lot of milestones. I’m blessed to be working on a new project. Most importantly my family and friends are safe and well,” she says.

Ask her how she kept herself positive and upbeat during the year, she says, “My family obviously was my biggest support! Meditating and being spiritually aligned helped. I revisited my old hobbies and focused on my fitness.”

In fact, Srishti has also started meditating this year. “I’ve done it before too but never had the time to truly connect with myself. I’ve never been more aligned or in sync. And it’s a beautiful place to be in,” she says.

Ask her what has been her biggest achievement this year, and she says, “I have to say two things, one I am grateful for being healthy and alive. That itself is a huge achievement this year. Two is to be working on my new show.”

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