Sonali Jaffar’s Hum Hai Rahi adaption to replace Mayavi Maling; Siddharth Dubey joins the cast

MUMBAI: loan trading has been at the forefront of reporting on Sonali Jaffar’s next show on Star Bharat (Full House Media). It is an adaption of the hit film Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke. We were the first to apprise you of the cast: Sana Sayyad, Zubeen Singh, Arshifa Khan, and Ishant Bhanushali are playing primary characters.

As you’ll know, the original film had three kids. TellyChakkar’s sources confirm that Siddharth Dubey is the latest to have joined the kid star cast. The cutie will play a notorious character in the show.

As we previously reported, Star Bharat’s ambitious project Mayavi Maling is going off-air. Apparently, this show is titled Papa By Chance and will replace the fantasy series.

The show will go on air from August.

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We’re excited for this adaptation! What are your thoughts?

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