Shweta Rohira: Would love to play a role like Sita Gita

With Women’s Day around the corner, actor Shweta Rohira agrees that this day must be celebrated every day. The actor adds that women characters on both the small and big screen have gained importance. The actor says that on TV, they have always been prominent. “Every day should be Women’s Day. In today’s times, there are strong women characters and they are the protagonists. But I believe they always have been, even back in the saas-bahu sagas time, women have and will always be important,” she says.

In fact, Shweta, who has been part of hit play That’s My Girl, is looking to play a strong role on screen too. “If you ask me, my dream role would be something like Sita Gita where I am the main protagonist and I am lucky to play a double role too. I have been lucky in theatre because both the plays – That’s My Girl and Blind Date – have me playing the protagonist. The whole act revolves around me. I feel I am blessed,” she says.

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