Sarada to be humiliated in Aakash Aath’s Jagat Janani Maa Sarada

KOLKATA: Loyal viewers of Aakash Aath’s period drama Jagat Janani Maa Sarada, which narrates the journey of Sarada Devi, are in for some important episodes.

So, read on to know what the upcoming episodes have in store.

Swami Trigunatitananda alias Saradaprasanna breathes his last in 1915 at San Francisco. Time passes by. The year 1915 is symbolic, as this is the very year when the Holy Mother offers gerua or saffron cloth to her followers at Koyalpara.

Class discrimination plays a major role this year during the Jagatdhatri Puja at Jairambati. Sarada (played by Arpita Mondol) has to pay a penalty of twenty-five rupees for settling the chaos that crops up regarding this issue. News of this humiliation of Sarada arrives at Bagbazar. Lalit vows to take revenge and comes over to Jairambati. Planning very cleverly, he recovers the penalty from the landlord accused along with a note of apology to Maa for his misbehavior.

Not only this, Lalit also saves Koyalpara Ashram from a sudden raid by the police.

Ashu, Sarat, and Lalit plan to build Maa’s own place at Jairambati. But will this be an easy task for them?

To know more, keep your eyes glued to this space.

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