Sara Arfeen Khan stranded in Dubai

Sara Arfeen Khan jetted off to Dubai to ring in the new year with her family. However, the actress is still in Dubai due to the institutional quarantine rule in Mumbai for passengers arriving from Europe and the Gulf.

While several returnees from Dubai try taking detour flights to avoid quarantine, confusion still reigns. Sara has decided to stay back in Dubai and wait for the rule to be lifted.

“I would love to return to Mumbai but it makes me wonder why I should be quarantined in a hotel room with my toddlers, after having a negative COVID report. I understand the protocol and the seriousness of the situation, but if somebody is entering the country with their test results, I don’t see where the issue is? There is also confusion on 7 days or 14 days of quarantine, which, either way, is difficult when you have toddlers traveling with you.”

The diva added, “We’ve chosen to be in Dubai and enjoy our little freedom until the rule is changed or lifted- which I hope happens soon, because although it feels good to be on a holiday, it feels even better to come back home.”

The actress has been a part of several TV shows including Jamai Raja, Siya Ke Ram, Love Ka Hai Intezaar, and Dilli Wali Thakur Girls.

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