Santa Claus comes in early this year!

Khidki’s producer, JD Majethia distributes gifts amongst the crew…

Khidki producer, JD Majethia distributes gifts amongst his crew members to celebrate 100 episodes.

Television producer, JD Majethia, took the opportunity of the 100 episode celebration of Sony SAB’s comedy series, Khidki, to surprise his unit. JD Majethia, who also plays the narrator for stories in the Khidki series, gave away gift hampers consisting of essential, hi-utility items to the crew of his show Khidki.

He believes that instead of splurging on a party, this was the best way he could show gratitude and appreciation to his crew members. JD Majethia also mentioned, “100 episode celebration is not new for TV shows. But we wanted to do something different. Our workers, spot boys, light men and rest of the crew work long hours on the sets and this is the least we can do for them.”

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