Sambhbvna Mohanty opens up on her sudden exit from Rajaa Beta

Sambhbvna Mohanty, who made her debut with Rajaa Beta, has opened up on her sudden exit from the show. She revealed that she was not shocked with this development.

The actress told Bombay Times, “The ratings have dipped considerably and the makers thought that a twist was the need of the hour to recover lost ground. Doing away with my part is an experiment, which involves a great risk and I hope it pays off. My exit didn’t come as a shock to me. The creative team needed to do something to increase the ratings and ending my track was probably the only device to save the show.”

Speaking about her journey, Sambhbvna said, “The journey has been exciting and extremely fruitful. This is my first Hindi show and will always be close to my heart. It has been a great learning experience for me and I will be indebted to the producers for having me on board.”

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