Ruslaan Mumtaz clears rumours about his bisexuality!

Balika Vadhu actor has his Sexuality set straight and shuts the people who think otherwise.

Ruslaan Mumtaz had a strange thing worrying his wife. The actor had been receiving a lot of obscene messages from his fans. But what was more upsetting was that most of these messages were from his male fans! His wife used to feel weird when he showed her such messages.

In a conversation with India Forums, Ruslaan said,”I have been getting such messages since a while. And the most surprising thing is that there are more males than females, who send me obscene messages!”

“I feel that it’s kind of weird that even though the fans know Ruslaan is straight and married, they still send him such messages. Girls sending him stuff is understood but guys are a big NO!” his wife added.

We feel that everyone should respect an actor’s sexuality and privacy. Such incidents have great potential in stirring up trouble in an actor’s life!

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