Rubina reveals the best thing about Nikki and why she is so special

Rubina and Nikki were two strong contestants on BB14, and both became finalists on the reality show. Rubina was the winner, and Nikki was the second runner-up.

Initially, Nikki and Rubina weren’t on good terms. It was only post Nikki’s return (after she was evicted) that she connected with Rubina and Abhinav.

The two developed a thick bond of friendship and supported each other till the end. It was because of Nikki that Rubina won the finale task and became the first finalist.

But since she was nominated for the entire season, she passed it on to Nikki. Now post Bigg Boss also, the friendship continues, and the two are very much in touch.

Recently, when Rubina was asked why is Nikki so special, the actress replied that Nikki has lots of guts and believes in herself.

She said that she was one of the few contestants who used to literally get bashed by host Salman Khan for her behaviour, but that also didn’t affect her, and at the end, she did what she felt like. Her belief in herself is commendable and that’s what makes her a different person.

It seems like the audiences also liked this quality, and no wonder she emerged as the second runner-up of the show.

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