Ridhi Dogra opens up about facing rejections for being a TV actress; reveals why she feels sad for THESE creative people

Ridhi Dogra is a popular television actress who has carved a niche for herself in showbiz.

The actress, who is known for the show ‘Maryaada: Lekin Kab Tak?’ has been in the industry for a decade. She has now delved into the digital world. In an interview, she opened up about facing rejections on other mediums for being a TV actor. She told that, “Yes, all the time. And, that has happened innumerable times and it’s really sad. It’s not that it happens just across mediums, it happens in television itself.”

Ridhi added, “In television, they will say, ‘Oh, in your previous serial, you did this, so you can’t do this.’ Why? So, it’s not really across mediums, it’s everyone. More than what you are doing to me, more than what it means for me, I feel it’s really a comment on creative people, the casting agents, or people who are writing stories and saying stuff like this. I really feel that this shows how limited they are in their creative approach that you don’t have the confidence in your own work and you don’t think that this is written so well that ‘Yeah, this person will pull it off. I will make it happen’ but that doesn’t happen.”

The actress says she feels sad for creative people. “I feel like more than it being sad for us actors, I feel it’s sad for the creative people, who think like this ‘Oh, aapne ye kar liya toh ab aap ye nahin kar sakte.’ I feel they are limited in their approach. It’s like, I will find my way. When you want to do something, you just do it, regardless of how many ever people stop you. Every time someone makes a comment like that, I don’t take it badly but I feel sad for them.”

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