Quotes from Sony SAB artists for Holi

MUMBAI: Kangan Baruah Essaying the Role of Gargi in Sab Satrangi

This year, we played Holi on the sets of Sab Satrangi for 12 hours and it was crazy! My favourite Holi mithai is dry gujiya. This year, I am planning to book a homestay with all my friends and enjoy the festival. Growing up, I have very fond memories of Holi and coming from a small town, it was a festival of togetherness. All these years, I was very particular about not playing Holi as it would affect my skin but after being isolated since the last two years, I would want to play Holi this time and enjoy like never before. To all my fans, please have loads of fun, stay safe and enjoy!”

Hima Singh Essaying the role of Kanak in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi

“Holi is my favourite festival of all times. I really enjoy dancing and playing with colours. This time Holi is even more special for me as I am working in Sab Satrangi and we have already shot for the holi sequence. We have already played a lot on the set but I will definitely celebrate on the actual day as well. I love Holi, more so because that’s one festival where nobody cares about how they look, it’s just about colours and having fun with your loved ones. I urge everyone to play a happy and safe Holi. To use colours that are not harmful and please be kind and not agitate or hurt animals.”.

Mohit Kumar Essaying the role of Maanu in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi

“I feel every Holi leads us to greater adventures and this year, it was slightly more different because I played Holi for the first time on camera for Sab Satrangi. There were many funny moments while we were shooting the Holi sequence. In one of them, they had to throw me in the water. I think it has become a ritual for me to get hurt every year while playing Holi because even this time I got hurt. But I wish everyone a very happy and wonderful Holi! Please be safe and have a great time with your friends and family.”

Gulki Joshi essaying the role of Haseena Malik in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir :

“Holi is the festival of colours, and it brings with it a lot of fun and excitement. Every year, I throw a fantastic Holi party and have a great time. Throughout my childhood, I participated in various activities during Holi, such as throwing eggs or coloured balloons at strangers. Without Kheer Poori, Aloo Ki Sabzi, and Achaar, my Holi meal is incomplete. This year, we should use organic colours because they are gentle on the skin. Have fun, but be mindful of other people’s feelings and moods. It’s also critical to stay safe this Holi.”

Pariva Pranati essaying the role of Vandana in Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya :

“For me, Holi is all about colours and delectable dishes. I had a lot of fun playing this festival as a kid and celebrated it with zeal. It makes me happy to see my family, especially my child, have a good time during this festival. Because there are so many people, colours, and music around, I believe Holi as a festival brings immense warmth into our lives. When Holi is approaching, there is a very positive energy in the atmosphere. Wishing Happy Holi to everyone! I hope you have safe and joyous celebrations!”

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