Open CONFLICT between Sneha Wagh and Shaleen Bhanot!

I may have preconceived notions after knowing about his controversial personal life, admitted Sneha..

Shaleen Bhanot seems to be despised by women.

We are not talking about his personal life but his ‘Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh’ co-star Sneha Wagh

As per reports, the two actors play an on-screen couple but they don’t get along too well off-screen.

Shaleen and Sneha did not even try being friends and gave a cold shoulder to one another from the very beginning.

Sneha who has been very vocal about her animosity towards Shaleen told a leading daily that she couldn’t relate to him from day one. She also mentioned that she may be feeling this way because of the preconceived notions she developed after knowing about his controversial personal life.

When we called Shaleen to know his side of the story, he said, “People are free to say anything they want.

Everything is fine from my end. She is a lady and I respect her wish that she needs to feel comfortable. Moreover, I am a thorough professional. We are working hard for the show and we all should give our best.”

That’s appreciable Shaleen!

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