OMG! Bad news for Kunwar Amar’s fans!

Kuwar was hospitalized…

The D3 and Naamkaran actor Kunwar Amar has some bad news!
The actor suffered from an eye infection while shooting for his last day on the sets of Naamkarann. Kunwar was even taken to the hospital and returned to the set after a day.

“This was unfortunate. I had to roll down some tears during this action sequence and seconds later I had an excruciating pain and my eyes turned red. We waited, but it got worse within minutes and the unit rushed me to a hospital. The doctors couldn’t figure the exact cause and every passing minute added to the pain!” Kunwar said in a statement.

Kunwar said the production team was supportive.

“The team was accommodating, but we had a telecast issue and we couldn’t wait for another day. They sent a car as I couldn’t drive or even keep my eyes open. An ugly side of being an actor is that you cannot afford to stay back and rest as huge production costs are involved. I’m going to have a few days to relax after my stint in ‘Naamkarann'” he added.

The dashing actor will surely be missed on the show after quitting!

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