Munira Kudrati turns into ‘Santa’ to shower gifts on Aman Gandhi and his reaction is too cute!

MUMBAI:‘Bhagyalakshmi,’ a Zee TV show, tells the story of Lakshmi’s life taking an unexpected turn when she marries a wealthy businessman named Rishi Oberoi. Despite this, when she learns the truth about her marriage, she feels betrayed.

Bhagyalakshmi, starring Rohit Suchanti and Aishwarya Khare, is one of Zee TV’s most popular shows. The show also stars Aman Gandhi, Munira Kudrati, Smita Bansal, and others.

Munira Kudrati plays the role of Shalu Bajwa on the show and she has great chemistry with her co-star Aman Gandhi who plays the role of Ayush

Munira and Aman are also really good friends who pop up on each other’s socials and often make fun content together.  We know Christmas was a little while ago but some people, in this case, Aman in particular are just getting their secret Santa gifts. And his secret Santa was Munira which makes the whole thing very sweet.

Aman took to Instagram to share the gifts on his Insta stories and the two even shared some fun banter with each other. Check out the photos here:

Meanwhile, The show is gearing up for some intense drama ahead.

Sonal shares another plan with Malishka where she asks the latter to consume poison.

While Rishi suffers in guilt, Sonal goes to meet Lakshmi at her Chachi’s house to convince Rishi to tie the knot with Malishka.

While Rishi is seen in guilt, Sonal is seen with Lakshmi at her Chachi’s house.Sonal knows very well that Rishi will agree with what Lakshmi says. Lakshmi meanwhile does not trust Rishi but respects Malishka.

Sonal heaps praise for Lakshmi as she helps an unconscious Malishka. Lakshmi will now do the unthinkable and convince Rishi to marry Malishka.

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