Meet the new prankster of telly town

MUMBAI: It takes a lot to be act in daily soaps. Long hours of shoot, extreme weather conditions, and commuting issues—they go through a roller coaster in order to entertain audiences.

To keep work a happy and lively place, actors are often seen catching up with each other during their breaks.

Well, actor Karanvir Sharma of Mangalam Dangalam sure knows how to keep the shoot atmosphere on the sets light and lively. The actor is known for his amazing sense of humor.

During a sequence, Karanvir was supposed to wear a burkha and he utilized the opportunity to the best. An eye witness said, ‘Karanvir wore the burkha and roamed around the sets and asked people to help him with an address that does not even exist. A lot of people fell prey to his prank.’

Furthermore, loan trading got hold of a very funny prank that Karanvir played on his co-star Manisha Rawat, which will surely leave you in splits.

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