Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11: OMG! Check out the shocking prank played by Rohit Shetty on Rajiv Adatia

MUMBAI: Khatron Ke Khiladi is one of the most loved reality shows on television and has had a successful run of eleven seasons.

The contestants are various celebrities from the world of television, Bollywood, and OTT who come together and face their fears.

The last season was very successful and did wonder when it came to TRPs as the contestants were outstanding. They performed all the tasks well and didn’t give Rohit a chance to get angry or upset.

The new season has begun and we have seen how the contestants are going all out and giving their best on the show.

We have seen how the contestants are going all out, doing all the stunts, and giving their hundred per cent.

In the upcoming episode, the contestants will once again give their best during the task and would impress Rohit Shetty to compete for the; ticket to the finale’ in the task.

Whoever would win this ticket would go directly into the semi-final round and would make his place in the finale of the show.

We came across a video, where one can see how Rohit Shetty plays a dangerous prank on Rajiv Adatia.

During the task Rajiv is paired with Kanika, where she needs to take out the key which is stuck on a board having electric shock and Rajiv is locked into a box and all cockroaches have been put on him and that’s when he tells Rohit Shetty that the cockroaches are going inside in pant, and he needs to remove it.

Rohit Shetty burst into laughter and tells him how he can shoot the episode without wearing a pant and then he delays the stunts by playing a phone prank on them.

Well, Rajiv has always been at the receiving end and Rohit’s pranks on him have always been very funny.

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