Ishita Dutta says, “We have a lot of actresses who have done television and who are doing mainstream films” – Exclusive

MUMBAI :Ishita Dutta is one of the most famous TV actresses and she has also been a part of a few Bollywood films like Drishyam, Drishyam 2, Firangi, and others. Ishita has impressed one and all with her performance in TV shows as well as movies.

Recently, Tvbooks interacted with Ishita and spoke to her about not starring in more films after Drishyam, TV actresses not getting lead roles in mainstream cinema and more…

After Drishyam, we didn’t get to see you in many Bollywood films. Did you become choosy or you were not getting good offers?

Both! Honestly, after Drishyam, immediately I got a lot of offers and all the characters were very similar. Drishyam was about a family where everybody had a part to play. I didn’t want to do a film where I am just there; I want a presence in the film which is very important. So, I consciously decided not to do films and got very good roles on television. Of course, in between I did Firangi and Blank; wherever I felt that the story was good and my character had something to contribute in the project I did it. I was probably expecting something else, and that didn’t happen. But, hopefully with Drishyam 2 that’s going to happen.

A lot of actresses from TV have spoken that they don’t get lead roles in films as they come from television background. Did you also face that?

Yes, of course. One of the reactions that I got a lot was if you had not done anything in Television probably we would have considered you.  And my reaction to it was like I have worked and I have experience. But, it’s their perception, I don’t know how right or wrong it is. But, that is a thing I have faced a lot, they were like if you were a completely fresher you would still have a better chance in mainstream cinema. But, things have changed, we have a lot of actresses who have done television and who are doing mainstream films; with time things are changing.

You have done TV and movies, now when do you plan to make your OTT debut?

I really want to. I have almost done something, and it has not worked out for some reasons. Obviously, as I was doing television, time was an issue because when you do a TV show you don’t get time to do anything else. I can’t tell you how much I want to be a part of an OTT show because I think they have great content, great actors; it’s a different thing altogether. I think that’s the only area I have not explored, and I really want to.

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