Ishaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer in the danger zone, might get eliminated this week

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode is just one day away, and this week, it will be interesting to see whom Salman Khan schools. Would he talk about the Karan and Pratik incident or would he pick on Jay considering the way he behaved in the task? One person will also say goodbye to the show.

This week, Nishant was the captain of the house, and he had been given the power to nominate eight contestants.

The choreographer nominated Karan, Vishal, Shamita, Afsana, Umar, Ishaan, Simba, and Miesha.

Post that, Bigg Boss gave the contestants a chance to save themselves. They had to either nominate themselves and nominate other contestants instead of them.

Shamita and Karan didn’t save themselves, whereas Simba, Ishaan, Umar, and Miesha didn’t agree to go inside the room to do the task. Thus, Bigg Boss nominated them.

Afsana saved herself and nominated Vishal, which was a very smart move, as in this game, you never know what would happen.

This week, the nominated contestants are Karan, Shamita, Vishal, Umar, Simba, Ishaan, and Miesha, and one of them would be eliminated from the show this weekend.

As per the audience voting trends, Karan is leading the scoreboard followed by Shamita, Vishal, and Simba.

The bottom two contestants are Miesha and Ishaan, the love birds of the house, and one of them could be eliminated from the show.

But anything can happen at the last moment as the voting trends keep changing. Karan, Shamita, and Vishal seem to be safe from the elimination as of now, but you never know what twist the makers and Bigg Boss bring during the elimination on the weekend.

What do you think? Who would be eliminated this week?

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