I was a part of Pavitra Rishta, where I played the younger version of Ankita Karmarkar: Ankita Khare opens up why she was replaced on the show

Ankita Khare began her career in Ajeeb Saas Ki Ajeeb Bhau and won many awards for her performance. She started as a child artist and recently completed a web series called Soch, which is yet to be released.

We got in touch with the actress and asked her about her career, to which she revealed that she was a part of Pavitra Rishta.

She quoted saying “I was a part of Pavitra Rishta, where I played the role of the younger version of Ankita Karmarkar, and I was barely 12–13 years old. I was excited to be part of such a popular show, but then, later on, I was replaced.”

She further said, “I was a fan of actress Ankita Lokhande, and it was a fan moment for me when I saw for the first time in front of my eyes, which made me forget the entire world and affected my acting as a newcomer.” She added, “Ankita Lokhande made me comfortable and encouraged me to give my best shot, but I was not able to as I was completely into her and was admiring her.”

The actress then shared, “I felt bad and was heartbroken but then moved on as this a part of the profession that I am in.’’

Being replaced in a show is a part and parcel of the acting business, but kudos to Ankita for not letting it affect her, as she fought through it and came out as a winner and is doing good work today.

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