I believe my audience watching and supporting me is a big award itself : Srishti Jain

Being nominated for an award is one of the biggest achievements as an actor. Actress Srishti Jain who is better known as Navya from the show Hamari Wali Good News has been nominated for the new sadasya. When speaking on this big achievement, she says,” I have joined the Zee family recently and being nominated so soon is such an amazing feeling. I feel so blessed! Being nominated itself is so wonderful. The award is an appreciation of the hard work we put in as daily soap actors on a regular basis. So yes, it would be great to win. However, I believe my audience watching and supporting me is a big award itself.”

Navya, the role Srishti is playing in the show is loved and adored by the audience. She says, “Navya is someone who speaks her mind and stands by what she believes in. She’s very loving and selfless. She’s a strong woman with a warm heart. I think I am a lot like her too.” Srishti will also be performing at the awards ceremony and she is practising a lot for it. She adds,” Yes I’ll be performing! I am very excited about it! I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old. This is my first performance at an award show. I have seen all this on television growing up. Being able to be on that stage is so surreal. Thank you Zee for giving me this opportunity.”
All her supporters and fans are very proud of her. Let’s hope that she wins this well-deserved award.

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