“I am not comfortable going bold or showing my skin for any scene” says Vidhi Pandya

Actress Vidhi Pandya who has been known for the shows like Tum Aise hi Rehna, Udaan and now Ek Dujhe Ke Vaate 2 talks about her career graph and the type of work she wants to do.

According to Vidhi she is in a happy space now and she is enjoying her character in the show Ek Dujhe Ke Vasste 2. Talking about her career graph, she says,” I am happy with the way how things are unfolding for me and I am liking every bit of it. I know it has been a slow process in my case but I am loving my journey. But yes, I can say that the I haven’t still reached that stage where I can say that yes, finally I have arrived”

On being asked if offered will she go bold on screen, Vidhi says, As of now I wouldn’t want to do bold scenes or show my skin on screen. Beacuse I am not comfortable with it for now.. Many a times I have been offered such projects but the only answer was a big no.”

Furthermore, talking about the kind of roles or characters she wants to explore, she says, Firstly, I don’t want to repeat any type of role I do on screen. Secondly, I would love to experiment with the roles I do on screen. So , I am a stage where I can experiment a lot and to be very frank , I have no fear of failing. I always believe that failure is the chapter before success and you always learn from it.”

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