Get ready for a face-off between Aparajita and Brahmarakshas!

Will Aparajita bear the brunt of her evil deeds?

Zee TV’s horror-thriller presentation, Brahmarakshas, will soon deliver some edgy drama which will entice the audience and provide the much needed weekend drama.

Raina has been attacked in the show, and soon, the devil will be seen falling in love with her. However, with Raina’s lover, Rishabh, protecting her at all times, he will attempt to kill him on priority.

The show will witness Brahmarakshas taking the form of Rishabh and trying to get intimate with Raina. Fortunately, the duo will use their presence of mind and trap the evil and beat him up.

Here, the show will introduce the entry of Aparajita, the wife of Sanjay, who had killed him for her selfish motives and all of this transpired into him evolving as a Brahmarakshas!

Witnessing her presence, the Brahmarakshas will turn revengeful for his death and she will soon bear the brunt of her evil deeds.

How the track unfolds will be something worth watching!

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