Exclusive! Here’s a glimpse at Aanchal Khurana aka Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’s Brinda’s personal side of life and how she likes to live

MUMBAI:  Aanchal Khurana is currently playing the role of Brinda Shekhawat in Sony TV’s show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2. The actress has been a pivotal part of the show and shares a great bond with Ram, Priya and Pihu.

She has won the Lion Golds Awards ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for her role as Brinda in Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2. 

Brinda is someone who has always extended her support to Ram and Priya in every matter. She even comes up with ideas to unite them at times. But now, as the show has taken the leap, Ram and Priya have separated, but Brinda is still in support of Ram.

Brinda’s character has had a lot of changes as the show’s story progressed.

Tvbooks got in touch with Aanchal, who spoke about her personal and professional life.

What keeps you motivated in your life?

I’m anyways a very self-motivated person. However, I’m a very anti-social person who doesn’t socialize much but if I do then I become very extroverted.

What do you do to take your stress out?

I go to the gym and I workout. That’s my thing. Even if I’m not shooting, I get up in the morning, take a shower, pray in the temple that’s in my house, then I’ll have a banana or something  and just go to the gym. Two hours I’ll be there with my headphones on. If I don’t go to the gym then my entire day just goes in laziness. I started working out when I was in 12th grade. Since then, I’ve been continuously working out.

What’s your favourite activity?

Trekking, hiking, and travelling. I can’t travel with a lot of people. I can’t be with people for days and days where they are just talking and partying because I need my time and I need my peace of mind. It gets very difficult for me to socialize because I become very quiet and conscious.

Aanchal Khurana is a beam of positivity for sure and everytime she comes on screen Audience can feel that positivity. Watching Aanchal perform on the screen has always been a delight and the fans are waiting for more performances.

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