Did Benafsha and Priyank make out? Vikas Gupta is furious anyway!

This season of the Colors flagship reality show is unbeatable!
With the goings on in the house, things have become really volatile. Priyank Sharma has always been in the limelight be it his sexual orientation or Gehana Vasisht’s allegations against the Splitsvilla comtestant.
he was earlier, thrown out of the Bigg Boss house for raising his hands in a tiff where he was not involved even remotely. But his reentry into the house has brought about a lot of other developments as well.
Do you know the latest?
Priyank Sharma ended up sleeping with Benafsha Soonawalla on the same bed. A video posted on Voot.com, viewers saw Luv Tyagi and Hiten Tejwani talking about the same. Hiten told Luv that Puneesh woke him up at night to show him Priyank and Ben on the same bed. Bandgi points that everybody is pointing fingers towards her but what will they now.
This event became the most talked about topic inside Bigg Boss house. The news reached to Vikas Gupta, which made him furious. He told that if someone had told him, he would have slapped Priyank for doing such things. Later, he went to Priyank and told that everyone is talking about Ben and he made out last night. Priyank seemed shocked by the event.

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