Choti Sarrdaarni actress Geetika Mehandru celebrates her birthday with her industry friends

Birthday is surely the most awaited day of the year. But the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we used to celebrate. No more parties, no more hugs, no more kisses, no more excitement this time, courtesy goes to social distancing. But our Choti Sarrdaarni actress Geetika Mehandru is quiet lucky as her industry friends surprised her last night with birthday cakes and gifts. Yes, its Geetika Mehandru’s birthday today.

Geetika’s best friend and actor Guneet Sharma, actor Upen Chauhan, actress Sneha Bhawsar, her Choti Sarrdaarni serial’s actors Kevina Tak, Abhiyanshu Vohra, krishna soni, Abhishek Jhangra were gathered togethered for cake cutting followed by dinner.

”Pandemic birthday can’t be better than this. I was not expecting anyone especially my Choti Sarrdaarni’s actors as we all are having shoot today. All my friends made my day very special” Geetika Mehandru

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