#BREAKING: And the Winner of Dance Plus Season 3 is…

Any guesses?

Star Plus’ Dance Plus 3 is currently in its finale weekend and we already have the winner’s name.

Out of the four finalists Aryan Patra, Tarun-Shivani, Amardeep Singh Natt and Bir Radha Sherpa, the first three are from Dharmesh Yelande’s team and Bir Radha Sherpa is from Puneet Pathak’s team.

And the winner of the third season is Bir Radha Sherpa, from Punit’s team.

Bir Radha Sherpa hails from Assam and was very popular amongst the judges as well as the contestants for his unique style of dancing that he named the ‘Bir Style’

One more highlight from tonight’s finale would be the Judwaa 2 cast gracing the show along with Sunil Grover, who will make the show’s finale a laugh riot.

Are you happy about it?

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