Bigg Boss 14: Did Rubina and Abhinav tell Jasmine how to handle Nikki?

It has only been two weeks since Bigg Boss Season 14 started its journey and the contestants have already started fighting with each other.

Jasmin and Nikki are the two contestants who have left their mark on the show and have come into the limelight. These two ladies do not get along with each other.

In an earlier episode, we had seen how Nikki had abused Jasmine which affected her a lot and she was seen crying bitterly and everyone was consoling her.

In a video, one can see how Rubina and Abhinav make Jasmine understand how to tackle Nikki where they tell her that she shouldn’t make a scene in the house and instead go to the seniors as if they will explain things and then Nikki will understand and not continue the fight.

They tell her that the only people she listens to are the seniors and that they are the best ones to handle her. Well, they said this because Nikki always says that she will do work only if the seniors tell her to do so.

There is no doubt that Nikki and Jasmin are two strong contestants in the house.

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