#BB10: Manu and Priyanka will be the ‘Game Changers’ of the next luxury budget task!

Read on to find out the details of the Bigg Boss luxury budget task – BB democracy

Kick-starting the luxury budget task of the week, Bigg Boss announces the BB democracy task, which will be affecting the next captaincy.

For the task, the contestants will be getting some situation and they have to take a decision by selecting one option and the options which gets the majority votes will win. After every buzzer, all the housemates have to gather near the voting panel and will have to choose an option to vote, by pressing the button.

While this is happening, the contestants are not allowed to discuss their votes and they will just have one minute to vote.

But, there is a twist to it that the final decision won’t be taken by the contestants but will be made by Manu and Priyanka!

Once they take a decision, Bigg Boss will announce the final answer. However, till then, the housemates can’t move from their place. With the power being in the hand of Manu and Priyanka to make the housemates dance on their fingers without them knowing about it is going to be quite entertaining!

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