#BB10: Guess WHO is getting eliminated this weekend from Bigg Boss Season 10!

The results will shock you.

It’s been two weeks that Bigg Boss Season 10 has been seeing the same list of nominated contestants – Bani, Gaurav, and Monalisa. From the past two weeks, something or the other is coming up and no one from the trio is being eliminated.

But wait!
This week too, there will be no eliminations as well as it is the New Year’s Eve. This means that Bani, Gaurav, and Monalisa will remain nominated into the next week and will be accompanied by Rohan Mehra, who has been nominated by Bigg Boss himself for the rest of the duration of his stay.

But wait… AGAIN!
There is another twist here. After all, the makers have to eliminate someone from the house. And to accommodate this, there will be a mid-week eviction in the house.

Whom do you guys place your bets on? Who do you think will be eliminated from the house next week? Leave in your votes in the comment section below.

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