Avni and Neil’s FIRST night post-marriage turns out to be an ADVENTUROUS affair in ‘Naamkarann’!

Here’s what will happen.

Star Plus show Naamkarann has been churning out interesting tracks off lately. And, while Neil’s (Zain Imam) marriage with Avni (Aditi Rathore) has happened, the drama seems to have just begun.

Post the marriage, the duo’s first night will turn out to be an eventful one as the viewers will get to see romance coupled with a plot that Avni has weaved. The audience will witness some major romance brewing up between the duo, however, this will actually turn out to be Avni’s plan to run away from the house.

Avni wishes to get rid of the house and Neil, and therefore, Avni will give Neil a glass of milk which will have sleeping pills mixed in it.

Okay, what?

Well, yes! That’s how Avni plans to escape. However, it will not be that easy a run, will it? Amidst all of this, as the two get all cozy and romantic, Neil will successfully make Avni drink the major part of the milk and will make her fall in her own trap.

And, that’s how her plan will be seen getting crushed! But the romance will be worth the watch, isn’t it?

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