Ashna Kishore: It is true that comedy requires a lot of dedication

Actor Ashna Kishore is thrilled to be part of Binaifer and Sanjay Kohli’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. The actor says that the audience loves the show as well because they associate with the story. “I am so happy that this show is going to complete two years now and everyone loves this show, be it kids, old aged people or the young generation. I feel this is the fruit of the unity that we all have and the hard work that each and every person does; be it the writers, directors, technicians, cameramen, actors and our producers. The hard work which we all do to present it is seen on screen and I feel that is the best part of our show. Also, comedy with kids as well adults is something which is new and I haven’t seen anything like this happening before. I feel the nok-jhok that we show between people and those small elements of comedy which happens on the show is what, I think, people are able to relate to,” she says.

Of course, comedy is not an easy genre to succeed in, says Aashna. “It is true that comedy requires a lot of dedication and cannot be monotonous and to maintain the essence of the story our writers find different and unique stories every week. They get a new crunch, a new twist and everything different in a different story comes our way every week. We also make sure that we add something or the other every single time which keeps the freshness alive and people don’t get bored. So, I would say thanks to our writers and creative team for bringing something new every time for us also. Frankly speaking, because of them, we don’t even get to know that it’s been two years. It still feels like we have started a couple of days back,” she says.

Talking about her experience on the show, she says, “So far, my experience on this show has been fantastic. This is my first comedy show and I am enjoying it very much. We have such nice and fun vibes on set and it’s nice to work with everyone. Even though we had never worked with anyone before and we all belong to different kinds of backgrounds but we never felt that till date. From the first episode till now, we all have been like a family and, touch wood, it feels great,” she says.

Her character has not been a cakewalk, says Aashna. “So far, my character has been slightly difficult for me because Sanjay and I speak Hinglish, which is a weird combination of Hindi and English. It was difficult for me initially because I am not used to speaking like that. Plus, I had to speak something in the same normal speed in English but it should be spoken the way that it is not proper and people laugh hearing it. Also, people should be able to understand what my character is speaking. So, it feels difficult at times but whenever I meet people or when I get responses on different platforms on social media, I get the feedback that language on the show is amazing. People sometimes ask me that they even want to learn such English and have I learnt this kind of English from somewhere,” she says.

Talking about working with Sanjay and Binaifer, she says, “My experience with Sanjay Kohli sir and Binaifer Kohli ma’am has been amazing till now. They are wonderful producers and they have given such amazing comedy shows to the industry. This is my first comedy show. Binaifer ma’am is the sweetest I can say that as I have worked with other producers too but I never had this kind of close bond with anyone. She has always been there for me, be it as in a motherly way, sisterly way or as a friend. She has been constant support be it in my professional life or personal life. Whether I am ill or I am in some problem or anything where I need her, she is just a call away. I can’t thank god and them enough, I feel so grateful. I have worked for the first time with them but I would love to work even further with them.”

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