Arshi Khan on testing negative for COVID 19: I feel like a free bird

Arshi Khan is one of the most entertaining personalities of the TV industry. She rose to fame with seasons 11 and 14 of Bigg Boss.

Arshi tested positive for COVID 19 on April 21 and today she has finally tested negative. She posted on her Instagram to inform people about her test and said that she has finally defeated the virus. Arshi said that, “I am so happy that I cannot put in words the feeling. I feel like a free bird. I feel like a school student whose exams are over and now finally I can concentrate on other things.”

Arshi further added, “I was trying to keep myself calm and was constantly in touch with the doctor. I consumed healthy meals and fresh juices. I drank a lot of kadha too in the early days.” But more than physical stress, a person is mentally stressed when something like this happens, she says. But her parents helped her through this. She said, “More than myself I was worried about my parents that they were getting stressed about me. But they helped stay calm. We all kept talking to each other frequently. Apart from this, I read books and played a lot with my toy Sheru too. I avoided watching news so that my mind was at peace. People tend to panic a lot when they test positive and therein lies the problem. One has to stay calm and be positive in a tough time like this.” Even though she has tested negative, she will still keep having her kadha and will not step out at all. “I want to get back my energy levels back to normal,” said the Bigg Boss contestant.

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