Aparna Dixit’s social media account hacked; actress reports it to cyber crime

Aparna Dixit’s Facebook page is hacked and vulgar messages are being circulated from her page.

The actress shares, “It came as a shock to me because my friends calling me and messaging me to check if my Facebook has been hacked. Everyone has been following me for so long and they know what kind of posts I put up and they doubted as there were stories with sexual content on my verified Facebook page. I panicked first of all, the obvious reaction and when I tried to log in, I couldn’t and I tried to do everything possible but all went in vain. Those people removed me from Admin and hence I had no command on whatever was being posted on that page, and some people were also texting me personally that they had been getting inappropriate messages similar to the stories. I wanted everyone that my account has been hacked and not to open any links or messages.”

She added, “For me it’s very, very disheartening because there are fans and people who follow that page belonging to different cities and age groups, there are elders, youngsters and children as well. I feel very bad because I can’t do anything and helpless. I have reported everything to the cybercrime officials and facebook and they were very prompt and helpful, but of course these things take time so meanwhile I have been approaching as many people as possible requesting them to please not open any messages or links.”

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