Anushka to be proved as a Daayan; villagers attack her in Laado 2!

Mumbai: Colors’ Laado (Dhaval Gada Productions) is all set to witness a revamp. But before this face-lift, the show will introduce a highpoint drama.

The viewers are already aware of the way Anushka (Avika Gor) executed the ‘Expose Rantej’ (Dakssh Ajit Singh) mission. And as expected, evil lad will soon take revenge from Anushka.

The question remains how? Well, we already know about how influenced people who live in Indian villages get regarding superstitious beliefs. And to showcase the pseudoscience, Malhari and Rantej will convince the villagers to believe in the fallacy that Anushka is a daayan (witch). Though not many would believe in the same initially, the uneducated would be convinced by the duo.

Malhari and Rantej will gather all the villagers in front of Anushka’s house to make the villagers believe that Anushka is a witch and when she will raise her voice against this, the villagers will pelt stones at her and bash her up. While she will run to save her life, the villagers will pound behind her to throw her out.

Will someone come to Anushka’s rescue? What will be Yuvraaj’s stand in the whole fiasco? All of this would be answered in the upcoming episodes of the nightly.

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