Annup Sonii completes two decades in the industry!

MUMBAI: His sensational crime-based show Crime Patrol made actor Annup Sonii a household name. The versatile actor also proved his mettle as an actor on the big screen by portraying several memorable characters in popular films.

Having completed two glorious years in the industry, Annup recollects, “It has been a wonderful journey. God has been kind and I’m grateful to my fans for showering upon their love and support. The learning is that one should just focus on work, give your 100% and be patient. And, I sincerely believe that if you choose to learn from each experience, then you will have nothing to regret.”

“For someone who was a complete outsider, it has been pretty good. But as they say, the day you get satisfied, you stop growing. So, I am still looking for more milestones,” Annup adds.

Annup who is also actively involved in theatre, informs, “My friends from the National School of Drama (New Delhi) are an important part of my life. Mumbai, too, has given me great friends. God has been kind, whether it’s work, friends or family.”

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