After Aditi’s SPAT in ‘YHM’, this LEAD actor engages in a WAR OF WORDS on the set of his show!

There’s little that the involved people could do about on the sets of this & TV show

Time and again, we have seen co-actors fighting. But more often than not, they get into a heated argument with the creatives.

While such small issues are easily sorted and the professionalism is maintained, a recent fight blew out of proportion on the sets of & TV’s ‘Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi’.

According to the news, the team was planning a look change for the lead actor, Abhishek Malik and while discussing the same, what started as a small argument turned into heated conversation where the creative started yelling.

What followed was an ugly spat.

We contacted Abhishek, who said, “We were having a small conversation and then the creative started yelling. I do not have an air about playing a lead character and I am a very down to earth person, but if someone crosses the line, I wouldn’t stand that.”

“I warned him but things escalated alot than what was assumed,” he added.

However, now, the creative (Tushar) is no longer a part of the team.

Well, sometimes things do go overboard and there’s little that the involved people can do about it.

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